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Rails Engine Yard

Open-Source Plugins for Your Website

PHCDevworks Accounts

Ruby on Rails 6 Authentication and User Management Engine.

PHCDevworks Active Menus

Rails helpers to add active class to menu items based on controller and controller action.

PHCDevworks Members

Ruby on Rails 6 Engine to Organize Members and Manage an Online Members Directory & Listings.

PHCDevworks Notifications

Rails helpers and partial views for alerts and form validation notifications.

PHCDevworks Portfolio

Ruby on Rails 6 Engine to Manage and Organize a Websites Work Portfolio.

PHCDevworks Press

Ruby on Rails 6 CMS Engine to Manage your Website's Articles, Categories and Associated Medias.

PHCDevworks Scripts

Ruby on Rails 6 Script CDN and Code Snippets Listing Management Engine.

PHCDevworks Title SEO

Rails view helpers making page headings, taglines, seo and title tags easier to manage and standardize view coding process.

PHCDevworks Tutorials

Ruby on Rails 6 Engine to Manage Online Tutorials.