Why Open-Source Software Still Matters Today

Why Open-Source Software Still Matters Today

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In only 4 years, all the open-source plugins we built came a long way. We went this route because we knew open source is coming back in a big way. Don't believe us on the benefits of open source?

Like the beginning, developers should consider going back to the open-source model. Users should be able to distribute, have access to source code, and change projects for their use.

This article will go through on how developers can still make money. How open-source projects can hit critical mass faster. Plus, the reasons why open-source can be a more secure way to go.

Non-developer and tech-savvy software users may need support and make changes to suit their needs. Developers can still make money providing customization, extra cloud services, and technical support.

Open-source projects can build critical mass faster. Developers have more distribution methods. For example, developers can distribute code for free on GitHub using public repositories.

Some open-source projects attract a large group of developers. Twitter's Bootstrap is a perfect example. A larger group put together is better than a handful of developers in an internal team. They're able to catch security risks and integrate features faster.

Still not convinced? Imagine if Windows was open-source. Thousands of developers discussing, agreeing and implementing a better operating system? Microsoft would be way ahead with its operating system.

Linux, a free alternative to Windows, wouldn't be where it is today without this model. Linux is the core of Android, also servers, networks, routers, and the internet also all rely on Linux.

If more developers went open-source, tech as a whole would increase at a rapid rate. A developer can still be profitable while combining efforts for a better developer community and industry.

Last Updated on AUG 02 2020

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